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My outfits 02

It's been long since I actually make a next post.... haha >_< Sorry if the pictures are low quality. I'm only using my Mac's webcam. A lot of my polka dot items are not visible. No one takes pictures of me... and it's too embarrassing.  These are just dumps and nothing is arranged.Collapse )
China (twin tails)

[Chinese] You're Welcome

There I'm trying to learn Chinese... It's so hard.

Dr. Yao -Welcome to my Office Lost Sheep: (Xiao Li! Why is 不客气 means impolite, rude, blunt? besides "you're welcome"?)
HK Xiao Li:
[Oh, no...不客气 in adj. means that person really help himself to everything to the point that is impolite. 不用客气 is usually use for host, that means, "help your self" or as "you are welcome" whne someone thanks you ]
China (twin tails)

neo WAW advertisment (base storage here)


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     The Academy's campus is composed of classrooms, outdoor fields and a dorm. The students can also hang out off-campus, and events are held on special occasions. Alcohol and inappropriate material are strictly prohibited within the campus (like we follow the rules). Student behavior is observed and rules are enforced (as if the teachers were good examples). Our students' safety comes above everything (however some students are more dangerous than what you would think!). We make sure all our students are outstanding.

    We are welcoming new teachers and students! We are a friendly community formed by the old forum World Academy W, and its members are working as a team to build our new home (our banner, as an example, was drawn by our South Korea/
[info]fourteen_kites ). We put all our efforts into this to make it the most enjoyable rp ever, so don't hesitate to approach us and join the fun! (And don't be shy, we don't bite.) Roleplayers from all over the world are welcomed, we already have people from most continents. A lot of canon characters are still available, especially European nations. OCs are welcomed too.

Tuition fees and dorm fees are fully covered! What are you waiting for? Comment in the next 4 mins you will get not just one but two (yes two you heard it!), two Shinatty plushies absolutely free!

We await your arrival
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RoChu (clover animation)

およ副 Nov. 25-26

Ah well I should document my outfits~ Since I don't have someone to take photographs (no not my sister! EVER!) it's either I take myself with the mirror or my Mac's webcam... so the quality is terribly poor.

Nov. 25, 2010
I usually go out with casual and childish outfits but this first entry is a mature type! Uwahhh... waist belts are magical. That day I noticed I should buy new pair of shoes and bag that would match more on my more regular outfits.

Nov. 26, 2010
So here's my more childish style XD The skirt is my proud design! I used my old lame baggy jeans from high school (it's ugly and too big for me so I didn't use it. Okasan bought it from a sale... did she think I'm that fat?) and left over fabric from a cosplay. I had it tailored... however they didn't follow my exact design. It's supposed to be a tube-skirt convertible item. Cool ne? Next time I will wear it as a top >_<

The hoodie is actually bought with the old baggy jeans O.O! I thought a more casual sneaker-type outfit would do for that day. I wore my hand painted Hetalia Advan shoes~ I love how that day's outfit came out! かわいい

China (twin tails)

Fried Rice with Water Cress topped with Eggs

Ingredients (makes 4)

cooked RICE (use leftover rice! Just as much as you think your family will eat.)
Water Cress (your preference, you can add as many as you want)
2 Garlic
Katsubushi Dashi (granulated bonito stock)
2 eggs
1 tsp. sugar
1 tsp Mirin (Sweet cooking sake)
toasted sesame seeds


1. Mince the ginger and prepare the water cress. (in my case, Okasan had already half cooked it so I only had to cut it into smaller pieces)
2. beat the eggs, add mirin, sugar and a bit of salt.
3. heat a deep fry pan/wok, add cooking oil to coat the pan then cook the eggs. Use kitchen chopsticks, mix the the eggs so it will break and become crumbled bits. It will be topped on the rice. After cooked, put it aside in a bowl.
4. Saute the garlic.
5. Stir-fry the water cress then add the rice.
6. Add Dashi and salt, adjusting according to desire.
7. It's done when the rice and water cress are completely heated. Top the rice with eggs and toasted sesame seeds. I didn't have Nori (seasoned dried seaweeds) but it's also good to top the rice with it too.

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今日 Mt. Makiling の中にあるプールーにおよぎました。水はけっこいいです。冷たくないけど暑くもない。。。ちょっと風もあったけど。あそこのプールーの周りにわ木とか花とかいっぱい在ります。だけど。。。プールーに来る前に階段と坂上りが辛い。さすが山。私にとってこのプールーはでっかいお風呂だと思っていました。


最近私の髪けっこ調子いいです。大学のストレッスが消えました。。。でももうすぐ大学始まります。夏休みのばしてください!!もっとのんびりしたいです!*しくしく* 後今日の晩ご飯どうしようかな?
China (twin tails)


はんやん〜 スコオーンとホットケーキの違いはなに?イヴァンーくんとマットーくんにしかられました。。。とにかく、今日ホットケーキ作りました。。。二回も。。。私もどうかしてるよね。*自分を殴る*

今日銀行にいきました。ア、スパーあとも。。。アイスも買いました。アイヤー 今夜の晩ご飯名にに仕様かな?

China (twin tails)


March 1, Monday... Sunny

Today I'm back to Marilag a day (and 1/4) early because I had a field trip to Pangpanga for Archeology1. In spite the subject had 2 sections, only 8 of us came. Too bad Valerie (did I correctly spell her name?) couldn't come... I wonder why aru?

March 11, Thursday... Nighttime

The other day I saw Kyuseisha-kun!
China (twin tails)


Konbanwa aru! Today I'm back home in Jubileeville. At last I got my Green Tea Powah!

Wah, it's already summer aru. It's so dry and hot in Diliman. The fields around the University Ave. are so dry there are cracks aru! We need rain aru~ Okasan attempted to make a way to use the used water from the kitchen for watering the garden but it didn't work well... the power was too weak and sometimes the water back flows. Imoto-san said the back-flowed water smelled fishy.

I'm supposed to have a peaceful weekend but Imoto-san came home too so it' noisy here too. This afternoon we we're ordered to prepare for lunch. I was ordered to prepare the table however Imoto-san was ordered to grate onions for the salad dressing. As for Imoto-san, her job was bigger than mine so she started to complain again that I'm doing nothing again. And there Okasan scolded Imoto-san again... and I made an escape to Otousan's office. With Imoto-san so frustrated I was found hiding in Otousan's office. I just made a second major spark: Imoto-san blast into flames then dash upstairs and "bang!" the door. It's too bad that she couldn't taste the grilled cauliflower salad.

The story doesn't end there... supper was sushi and when I called Imoto-san she answered me with EMO. I really hate her when she become all emo... I hate it the most. Ok so let's just ignore her and have a peaceful supper with my parents. The end.

Looking around the familiar room... eh my room aru. There's a cloth with lot's of pins and a needle & thread dangling... an unfinished XXX item. (censored~) Recently I'm so discouraged to sew... because my feelings for sew has always been one-sided. Sad aru? Ah and also I can't make Hina dolls this year. I'm too busy so I can't make anything for now... except drawing because I need to exercise my hand. Waha~

Because I was so tired last night (Friday night) I fell asleep without making tea for Otousan. I serve the best tea aru~ Probably tea is the only thing I can be proud of. haha~

For some reason I ended up watching 3 Filipino versions of Marukaite Chikyuu... Italy's lyrics in Filipino dub, Filipino lyrics in Filipino dub and Filipino lyrics in Japanese dub. Soon Himaruya-sensei have to finalize Philippine's design because there's so many fans waiting for Philippines. There are so many rumors about the "asia3" sketch. Some says it's Vietnam but a lot wanted to believe it's Philippines. I'm also looking forward to see India too... for England's tea aru! I still have stocks of Ceylon tea too~